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A Green Alternative to Aerosol Air Can (air spray) backed by 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Blow dust off computer keyboard pump
dust blower green computer keyboard

Quickly & easily blow dust off keyboards, inside computers, desktops, electronics, closets, antiques or any hard to reach sensitive areas or crevices. Its nozzle is cone-shaped, valve-less and engineered to create a strong blast of air using the power of both your hands (Powerful). It's a useful and practical tool for home or office. And unlike air can, it's long lasting and durable, backed by money back guarantee and great friendly customer service
Other creative uses:  Dusting before gluing or painting. Dusting window edges, jewelry, antique, eyeglass, picture frames, radiators, lamps, inside vacuum cleaners, air fans etc. Dusting before wiping with wet cloth. 
66pt.jpg  Good for blowing air for starting fire or BBQ grill.
66pt.jpg  Good for barbershops for removing hair pieces from neck or sensitive areas.                         

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66pt.jpg  Reduces Computer Failure

66pt.jpg  No electric cord, no batteries, portable, powerful, quick & easy  

66pt.jpg  No chemical spray on keyboard, eyeglass, or electronics

66pt.jpg  Costs less than 2 cans of air, lasts for years

66pt.jpg  Durable & long lasting, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee 

66pt.jpg  Green, reusable, multi-functional, useful at home, office, lab or factory

66pt.jpg  Table Comparison with Compressed air can

66pt.jpg  According to Forensic Engineering Report, the air discharge velocity can be as high as 170 miles per hour and the air velocity is manually controlled.

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